Holiday Spice Soap

Clove and orange are two of my favorite ingredients in a holiday-inspired soap. Late fall and early winter just feel and smell like citrus and spice

Three years ago I made Orange Clove Pomander soap for Christmas gifts and ever since that time I've been hooked on the combination of orange, clove and rosemary essential oils. If you try this recipe I think you'll see why.

Clove adds spice, like warm cookies out of the oven. Orange is that refreshing citrus zing. And rosemary hints at evergreens (with a somewhat pine-y essence), reminiscent of a Christmas tree or a walk in the winter woods.

The poetry of soapmaking. 

The recipe I'm sharing reflects that I now live north of the 49th parallel. And up here we use metric measures. This has been an adjustment to me, mostly in my supply ordering. Having been used to ounces and pounds for so many years I'm having to do a lot of math these days to figure out quantities and costs.

Below is the recipe in metric (except tbsps, we use those). But don't worry because I have both metric and imperial recipes available as downloads. Oh yeah, I'm good.

Carrier Oils

  • 675 gm olive oil
  • 675 gm coconut oil
  • 405 gm shea butter
  • 325 gm canola oil
  • 270 gm cocoa butter
  • 195 gm soybean oil
  • 155 gm castor oil

Lye & Water

  • 370 gm lye
  • 1075 gm water


  • 2 tbsp. ground cloves
  • 2 tbsp. cocoa powder

Essential Oils

  • 30 gm rosemary essential oil
  • 60 gm clove essential oil
  • 60 gm orange essential oil

Just so you know, both orange and clove oil can be irritating to sensitive skin. This hasn't caused a problem in our household (and my husband has sensitive skin). I'm just giving a heads up.

The method is explained in the download. See the below posts for exact "how to make soap" instructions.

To get that lovely swirl read the instructions in this post (scroll down to the Holiday Spice header).

I hope you enjoy making this. Your house will smell like the holidays when you make it, while curing, and when you use it. 


10 November 11



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Quick question: In your

Quick question: In your recipes using Imperial measures, are the dry ingredients measured in weight ounces and the liquids measured in volume ounces?


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I'd love to try this; it

I'd love to try this; it includes some of my favourite scent combinations! I'm new to soap making, though, and need advice on substituting the canola and soybean oils, as they are two oils I can't use. Thank you! :)

Hi! I discovered this just

Hi! I discovered this just now. I recently got interested in soap-making too. I was wondering, would it be okay to decrease the amount of lye? I know lye in its natural form is corrosive but it becomes SAFER after saponification. Even so, Is is really 100& safe and mild for the skin? Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks Ma'am! :)

Hi Renee, I made this last

Hi Renee,
I made this last night and it came together without a hitch. It looks gorgeous and is curing now. My only concern is that it smells off or rancid. Any thoughts on what could cause this? I haven't found anything online to explain bad smelling cold process soap. Since it's my first batch I'm not sure if this weird smell is typical of fresh soap or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The rancid smell ended up

The rancid smell ended up hanging around for the first week of curing but by the time the batch had fully cured, it was gone! This is a GREAT soap, lots of rich lather.

Hey. I love the sound of your

Hey. I love the sound of your soap recipe and I am excited to get my shipment of materials so I can get started.
In the past when I made soap (I have limited experience) I did not use all of the different types of oils and I didn't have any problems. Do you think this recipe is flexible in that way? I wanted to use Olive oil, Coconut oil and Avocado oil. I would keep the weights the same. Wondering what your opinion is..
Aslo did you use sweet orange essential oil?
Thank you


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This recipe seems like a

This recipe seems like a lovely holiday recipe.  I've been searching for good fragrance mixing options, as well as colorants, and it seems your recipe achieves both with the added bonus of being a relatively simple recipe. I will be making this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! 

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