Saturday doings

Tomorrow we go hiking to a favorite spot of mine, a little mountain right on the ocean. Sea, sky and autumn foliage, I can't wait. A day of being together outdoors. But today was a work-at-home day, a day of doing. I spent most of it in the kitchen but I popped out now and then to take photos of the everyday beauty surrounding me.
:: hanging
:: eating
:: saving
:: packing
:: playing
:: listening (1st)
because we have eclectic tastes around here we can't just listen to alternative folky we also listen to alternative pop, and love both equally
:: listening (2nd)
:: chopping
:: eating (again)
:: dancing
:: sleeping
:: cooking
What I don't have photos of is the woodworking, driving, shopping, drawing, planning, researching, designing, cleaning, movie watching and more that was done by everyone in the house. A lovely full fall day at home. Tomorrow... the mountains, oceans and woods! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend of doing and being with your loved ones. Subscribe
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10 October 09


Lovely photos-- again.. I am

Lovely photos-- again.. I am dying to know what kind of camera you have. I have been researching cameras for months and still haven't even come close to deciding. I am looking for a quick shutter, a fair of amount of megapixel, black/old looking, a somewhat chunky lense that sticks out from the camera and maybe a digital viewing screen. Any tips??

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