A Walk to The River

They walked down to the river to play. To build sand castles and cities at the river's edge, where the water is shallow and slow. I let them go, with kisses and bug repellent.

It had been over an hour, at least, and I missed them. Their laughter and even their crazy antics. To be honest, I worried just a wee bit too. Always the tension of letting them go and holding them close.

I couldn't remember what time they left but it was soon time for supper. 

I walked to the river to call them home. To see their creations. And just to be. Here. 

This breathtakingly beautiful spot in our backyard - down the hill (through the woods) and across the infrequently traveled road. This place without predators, animal or human. Where the only thing "dangerous" are the bugs. 

This is life where we call home. And here I thought there was no paradise on earth.

25 July 12


Wow, that IS amazing..... We

Wow, that IS amazing..... We have a little stream in "our woods" in our yard, and I love to see those sand creations. That's the "stuff" of childhood that I treasure!

Hey just wanted to give you a

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren't loading properly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
I've tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

You do live amongst beautiful

You do live amongst beautiful nature! It is funny how, when the kids are old enough to do a few things independently, that us mom's (some of us that is) miss the childs presence. I enjoy a few minutes of quiet but then I find myself missing my children :)

I just showed my boys the

I just showed my boys the photo of your kids' "city." They are so inspired. We have a creek in our backyard with the perfect bank for making something similar.

I love your blog. It's beautiful.


That was so beautiful it made

That was so beautiful it made me want to cry a tiny bit! I love their creation and totally get where you are coming from about missing them. On the (very) rare occasions I am on my own I DO enjoying it but start clock watching after an hour or so.

What breathtaking and

What breathtaking and awe-inspiring views. I love the mist hovering over the water. God is so good!

Looking forward to your salad e-book!

I understand completely! (I

I understand completely! (I hope it's okay to reply to this)

Your family is just so blessed to be able to live in that place. So beautiful.

I feel that way often about

I feel that way often about where we live. And how wonderful for you and your family Renee!
Just this year I have started to allow Isaac (just turned 14) and Abby (just turned 12) go down to a shallow swimming hole (river) by themselves. After they have been gone for about 30 minutes my thoughts turn to them as well as I usually have them come home within 1 hour. - But it is a great growing time for them.

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