Updated Spring 2014: I don't currently sell advertising spots at FIMBY. 

I do offer the following options to get the word out about your product or service. 

  • Product reviews. These are written by me as a service to my readers to highlight businesses and resources I think would benefit them. All reviews are honest. I do accept stipends, in product or payment, as compensation for the time it takes me to write these reviews. At this time I only provide reviews for companies and services with affiliate programs. For an example see this post.
  • Guest posts. These are written by a guest author as a service to my readers. I open my door here at FIMBY to help you get the word out about your "cool thing" but guest posts need to offer something of value to my readers - ideas, resources, inspiration, encouragement. They are not simply an endorsement of your product. For an example see this post.


Guidelines for product reviews and guest posts.


FIMBY readers are intelligent and lovely people. They are my friends. I'm not going to sell or endorse something I wouldn't recommend to a friend. These friends of mine appreciate home and family life, the natural world, and mindful living. They visit to be inspired and encouraged to live their own healthy, adventurous and creative life - with beauty and intention.

FIMBY is a blog about adventurous, creative, and healthy family living. Specifically, FIMBY focuses on these family values:

  • being in nature and healthy living
  • freedom in education and livelihood
  • health and wellbeing at all stages of family life
  • the appreciation of beauty and creativity
  • building family and community
  • simple living and stewardship of home and earth

Any product or service featured here, in a product review or guest post, must relate to one of more (ideally) of those topics.

Contact me here for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

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