Breaking up with Flickr

In an attempt to actually walk-the-talk of simple living I've deleted my flickr photostream. If you follow my flickr activity you may have noticed I haven't done much for a the past month and now that's permanent. Why? Basically I don't have enough time to keep up with it all. I loath all that uploading, tagging, sending to groups, ya da, ya da. I like looking at other people's photos and like it when people look at mine but right now I just don't have the time. But even that is kind of a lame "excuse" because everyone has the same amount of time and we just choose to use our time differently. So I'm re-framing the reason in terms of what I value more. And I value time for other things more than my flickr account. Here are a few of those:
  • Wifing, mothering and homemaking. Oh yeah, I also sometimes homeschool. These take an extraordinary amount of time, this is my life's investment. Right now I'm building something that will last longer than any photos, comments or contacts.
  • Photography in general. I love taking photos. Love it, love it, love it. I hate tagging them, sending them to groups, hoping someone will notice them, being disappointed when no one does. And really some of them on there weren't that great anyway.
  • Sleep. Sleep is super important for good health and overall well being. I'd rather have the mental acuity and physical energy that comes from a good sleep than have a nice photostream. (Evenings are the time for my creative pursuits).
  • Blogging. I guess it's kind of obvious that I enjoy this space more than flickr. I love to write, I need to write. Blogging is not a burden to me; it's fun, it's challenging, it's creative, it's rewarding and I get tremendous pleasure in creating this site and publishing my ideas. It's even more amazing that people actually value my ideas.
All of these and more that I just can't think of right now are more important to me than spending time on flickr. Now it may just be a coincidence or the aligning of the seasons and stars but since making this decision two weeks ago I've felt a lot lighter in my daily life. Which is very funny since I really didn't do much on flickr to begin with. Life is very good right now, in fact it feels like this: Now this is my question for you: What do you need to simplify in your life so you can be more focused and content? Subscribe
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2 June 09


Yes, ditto on the previous

Yes, ditto on the previous comment. To your question, I need to de-clutter my house and garage. If there is too much stuff around, I feel fatigued.


I know just what you mean.

I know just what you mean. Flickr is my least favorite place to be. I really only use it to store pictures for use on my blog so I don't take up as much space on my server. Good for you on letting go.

What I need to simplify is the office space (aka junk room) in my home. It's so unpretty, unorganized and uninviting that I simply don't use it the way I should. This causes other areas of my home to be affected by the overflow and thus I am not as efficient, focused or content as I'd like to be when it comes to editing picutres, blogging, paying bills, etc.

Hmm...writing this down really puts things into perspective. I've got some work to do! ;)

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What I'd LIKE is to not work

What I'd LIKE is to not work weekends. That would improve my sanity. What I NEED is to not have a garden that's half an hour away. Weeding takes a lonnng time that way! But as those can't be changed, if I could limit the number of blogs in my reader, I'd be better off. And today I've decided to not check facebook. I have so many long distance friends and family, so I can't imagine severing ties, but perhaps just limit my devotion to them. ;o) And now that Dave has a 9-5 job, I think planning meals by week will be WONDERFUL. Just need to figure out how, I've never done it successfully before, since I never knew when we'd be around.

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This is something I have been

This is something I have been pondering and praying about for nearly a month, and a conversation I've been having with two other friends with similar priorities and pursuits. I have still not determined what it is that should be taken off my plate, other than allowing myself to call the school year "done". (We always "begin" the next year immediately, so I can count all the natural learning that always takes place all summer, but I am done with the few text books we use, even if we didn't use all the pages. :) In wrapping up the year I evaluated Phoebe's reading, and found she had progressed a year and a half in her reading level (arbitrary school range). This created a great relief in my stress level. They have learned, and are still learning, and now I can focus on decluttering and reclaiming my house. But something else needs to go soon. My new CD will be done this month, so maybe that is it. Maybe it's facebook, not sure! :)

i am soooooooooooo with you!

i am soooooooooooo with you! and for whatever it is worth, even when i can't comment (new computer crashed earlier this week and i keep stealing mike's work laptop for stolen online moments), i am still visiting and LOVING your photos.
i never even joined flickr for that reason! now if i would stop getting harassed for rarely logging into facebook, that would be good!

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I totally get this. For me,

I totally get this.
For me, I'm struggling with balancing and/or limiting my blogging. Because let's face it -- there's always just one more blog to read or one more widget to improve or one more... I'm struggling to find my special time of the day that I devote to blogging and not feel guilt tugging at me.

I'm not a great photographer, so I love using photos from Flickr, but it's not a huge time-suck for me. Also, I have a Facebook acct. (but only because my cousing "invited" me) but I have no idea how to change stuff, write on walls, etc. I could figure it out, but I don't care to.

Blogging. That's my answer, and I'm sticking to it. ; )

I feel the need to get rid of

I feel the need to get rid of junk! But that's mostly because our move is coming quickly and it really puts all the "stuff" you carry around in perspective.

I often feel the same as previous commenters, too many things to keep up with, not enough time. I certainly don't have a corner on balance, and sometimes it does me good just to hear that it's a struggle for others too. I constantly have to remind myself of the reasons I spend time online... is it because I'm enjoying it or because I feel obligated? It definitely sounds as if you made the right decision about Flickr!

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Must be something in the air

Must be something in the air lately, I've made a few of those cutting choices myself recently and am so glad I did. It seems, that I need to re-learn the balance lesson over and over again.

Aw, I am very selfishly

Aw, I am very selfishly disappointed that you decide to delete your Flickr photos. I had faved some of them and now I won't be able to enjoy them anymore!

But you have to do what feels right for you. For me, I could never give it up. I've made so many amazing friends through Flickr, much more than anywhere else, that I would feel as if I had lost my entire social network if I stopped visiting!

I hope you feel less cluttered now! But I will continue to mourn your lost photos... :)

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Glen has been remodeling the

Glen has been remodeling the old camper we bought and as soon as it is done we are moving to our property in Hebron for the summer, where our garden is. No internet, no movies, no big house to clean. Just our little family, the outdoors, and of course lots of good books to read. We are both really looking forward to it, and everytime we take a trip over there to tend the garden Nemo loves to run and play in the grass and dirt, so I know he is really going to enjoy spending full days up there.

your priority list is so very

your priority list is so very refreshing and i echo all of the same sentiments and ideals. spreading ourselves thin is such a shame and i'm so thrilled to see that you're focusing on what is important to you!

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