Fall Running

I'm running this morning in a community race. One of the races we talked about this post at Outsideways. The last two family races we did I ran short distances with Brienne. I'm not much of a runner and but even I could handle the 1 kilmometer distance!

Problem was, I was getting bored during Damien's longer courses. Sitting around waiting for him to cross the finish line. I'm also the family photographer so that keeps me occupied for a bit, but not the whole time.

After our last race I decided I wanted to run a longer distance in the future. Today is that future. I'm running the 4.2 km cross country course, in the cold and drizzling rain. At least a friend will be joining me also. I'm afraid she's kick my butt.

On a brighter note, and the real reason I wanted to write this post, was to share these photos of what my training route looks like.

I'm not a very consistent runner, nor have I trained a whole lot (ok, hardly at all) but when I do go for a run around our home, this is what my route looks like.

Out the door.

And down the road.

Along the river.

Kids on bikes.

And back home again.

Post Update: I just finished the race. It wasn't raining. It was overcast. My friend didn't kick my butt, we ran together. And most importantly, (mom, you're not going to believe this) I had SO MUCH FUN! Brienne placed first in her category and Céline second in hers.

I had so much fun I'm already looking forward to the next race in two weeks. And thinking I might have to actually get more serious about my training. Oh no. This might mean I'm becoming a runner, something I have resisted for a long time. But hey, if something is really fun - why wouldn't I do it!?

8 October 12


ahh... i LOVE running at this

ahh... i LOVE running at this time of year... crunchy leaves, cooler (even cold!) temperatures -- and even rain. love love love. it's the only time i feel like 'i'm a runner' -- the rest of the time i feel like i'm faking it. I ran my first race on Sept 23rd - a 5k and loved it (more than i ever anticipated) and i'm considering training for more... not certain. in the meantime, i'm very much enjoying my 3-4 times a week 6 or 7km runs in the stunning landscape that is our fall. the leaves will be gone soooo soon!

Ohhhh... I started running

Ohhhh... I started running again after taking a decade off (babies, broken coccyx, etc.), but I am stuck on a treadmill (hubby gone 18 hours a day, 4 kids at home). If I had your trails to run on, I'd never come home! What a great family activity! Our kids are starting to run, too, and we are finding it's a great way for a homeschooling family to get exercise.

Woo-hoo! This is awesome! I

Woo-hoo! This is awesome! I so wish I would feel the same about running... I am trying to like it, but I rarely have that joy that you have felt... I love the energy of organized races (I have volunteered and helped at JF's races since I know him) and would love to be able to train and especially enjoy running enough to do one too, but I am not there yet... and I might never be! But the girls are sure interested in running races. JF will be doing the US trail marathon championship in Moab on Nov. 3rd. It will be so exciting to cheer for him and meet all the big names of the sport!

Okay - I can not resist a

Okay - I can not resist a comment here. I'm excited for Brienne and Celine's placings (Laurent, keep training and having fun running - that's really what it's about) but I'm thrilled for you, Renee. If you're enjoying it, don't resist - let your "inner runner" get out and fly :)) You live in a perfect, beautiful setting for running/training - it's no news to you that treadmill running is my absolute last recourse so am grateful that I too can run in "paradise."

Hey you are now getting into

Hey you are now getting into dangerous territory, as this activity is truly addictive. Im not really sure what the magnetic connection is, all I know is it happens. When I started to run I basically made the same statements that you have for pleasure, by myself, NO RACES, fitness only and probably a few more reasons. Well you know what happened...
I am so happy for you (and the kids) it is truly a living experience that gives you a high on life like few others can.

Well, I have never been a

Well, I have never been a runner but am happy to call myself a "walker" once again :) This week Ive been able to get outside each day, on crutches, and walk in my neighborhood. Yeah for small successes :)


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