First day of spring (go figure)

It’s moving weekend. I also hear it’s spring.

winter spring

parking lot snowpile

snow outside window

Funny thing. I could swear it’s still winter.

21 March 14


Wow! That is a lot of snow!

Wow! That is a lot of snow!

Our first day ( in Nelson BC) was much different. Warm sunny day with lots of melting happening.

But just 10 days or so ago winter was having a last quick at the can too with a big dump of snow.

When spring comes ( and in a lot of ways it has arrived- even in your neck of the woods) it will be very fast!

I am amazed by how quickly feet of snow has melted this week.

I hope moving weekend is going smoothly.

My daughter heard it was the

My daughter heard it was the first day of spring and expected instant change from snow like in your pictures to grass!  I guess she didn't remember last spring and how it all happens.  I explained that we have winter time weather in spring.  And slowly we get less and less winter time weather until we have more spring-like than winter-like weather.  I'm not sure she quite grasped that concept.  I'm glad spring weather doesn't come instantly.  There would be some massive flood problems!  My kids the other day found a patch of grass where all the snow was scraped off it from a snow plow and they all stood around exclaiming over it "look! look! Grass!" :)

As we hiked in the woods with

As we hiked in the woods with our 3 little children yesterday afternoon, I found myself praying for your family and your AT hike. I prayed for the sibling bonds to be strengthened and for your bonds with your individual children to be strengthened. I prayed that when you are tired and weary that you would have patience with each other. Above all I prayed for blessings for your journey! 

Cant wait to get caught up and watch video #2!!

The Denney Family in Ohio

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