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Last weekend was Brienne's first ever dance recital. Celine took dance for a couple years when she was Brienne's age also. I even danced for a bit and had my own recital experience. Yikes is all I can say about that memory.

But Brienne was like a pro up there, very focused. A touch on the serious side. It was so sweet to watch.

The theme for the recital was The Animal Kingdom and except for a few modern and advanced hip hop pieces every dance reflected the theme in some way.

Brienne's class of six and seven year olds danced to "Sunrise in the Jungle". Brienne's character and costume was that of a giraffe. Although giraffes are not jungle animals, as my very nature aware children kept pointing out. But we could overlook that because there were lions, rhinos, kangeroos and other decidedly non-jungle animals frolicking in the "jungle" also.

The whole thing was quite enjoyable. Especially watching the 4 year old hummingbirds and 5 year old butterflies. Those sweethearts stole the show.

Of course I had a bouquet of flowers to give our giraffe after curtain call. Chosen specifically to match her costume and cut fresh from our garden that afternoon (I ran home to cut and wrap them after dropping her off with the parent volunteers).

When it was all said and done (after 2 1/2 hours we'd had our fill of the animal kingdom) we met our giraffe back stage, said "happy summer" to friends and teachers and walked the two blocks to our home. Urban living does have its benefits.



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Love the bouquet matching the

Love the bouquet matching the costume! In fact, I love all the animal costumes in your photos, what a nice theme they chose. In this country, dance for girls means tutus even when it's not ballet. Or at least, that was the case when I took dance lessons at age 6:)!

So lovely! That is funny

So lovely! That is funny that the song was Sunrise In The Jungle with so many non-jungle animals! It's like how people always assume there are tigers in S. Africa and there's definitely not! I'm not linking up this Friday, because I just returned from a trip, but I'll be back next Friday!

That is one cute

That is one cute Giraffe...and I love the matching bunch of flowers. I'm playing along for the first time today.. Thanks for hosting :-)

Those photos of the

Those photos of the performance = AWESOME!!!! As an ex-dancer...I really hope that I get to see my kiddos do a recital someday!

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