Fused Glass Field Trip

Technically not a "field" trip, more like an art trip. We've done quite a few "learning" excursions with the kids but this by far was my favorite. It was so creative and yielded such great results. A friend of ours and fellow homeschooler organized a trip recently to the Maine Art Glass Studio. The children each created their own fused glass tile. Sounds harmless, thankfully it was. But anything can happen when you give a 5 year old shards of glass and "nippers" to cut with. I can't take any credit for these works of art my kiddos created. The designs were their own and except for cutting a few pieces here and there these pieces were wholly my childrens' doing. I'm hoping they will hang on our windows for like, ever. These glass tiles capture their unique styles perfectly and I simply love them. These beauties are going to seriously brighten my winter.
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18 November 08


It's apparent by the kids'

It's apparent by the kids' intent expressions and the beauty of their creations that they just loved doing this. I'm so glad you took us to the studio when we last visited you. We'll be going back there again, I'm sure.

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