Dolls, model cars, and stories. Faires and soup.

Mittens, fleece pants, and split boards. Onion honey cough syrup (just in case) and shepherd's pie.

There is secret making with closed doors and whispered plans, but these other makings are the ones we share.

Making a drive to the mountains, a drive to town.

Blanket forts. Almond milk. Saturday afternoon cappuccino. 'Round the counter, kitchen table, and fire.

Making comfort, making merry. Making friends and making home.

Making Christmas.

18 December 12


It all sounds cosy and

It all sounds cosy and comforting..... enjoy the season and the visit with your Mom & Dad......
warm hugs across the miles......


[...] there is much crazy making "out there" we are free to choose our own path. And it has been beautiful. (Events in the world-at-large have not been so beautiful and for that I have mourned [...]

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