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Here it is folks, the video from our homeschooling presentation we did in our community a couple weeks ago. Damien taped my talk, made this video and was the technical genius behind posting this. I love having a computer-geek husband, thanks dear. I'm slightly embarrassed to share this here. Unless you know me in person, a few of you do, you only see me in static portraits and carefully chosen glimpses of my home and family life. Watching this will give you a small piece of the bigger picture of who I really am. A short haired, red cheeked (it was so warm in that room) woman who speaks with her hands, rolls her eyes up when thinking and liberally peppers her speech with "so" and "um", which sounds so unprofessional. Oh well, I never claimed to be a pro - at anything. Watching yourself give a talk is an eye opening experience. If I start doing this more I may have to give some thought to my little quirks and hand waving habit. I must be part Italian or something, don't they talk a lot with their hands? So here's the disclaimers: I am not a professional speech giver. I'm a mom, homeschooling my creative kiddos, enjoying it immensely (most days) and wanting to share that information with others who are interested.
4 February 09


Renee, I just watched your

Renee, I just watched your entire video (except I skipped a little through the legal stuff since I don't live in Maine)! You did a great job. I loved it. You caught me at a good time because I'm starting to do research on homeschooling. I want to make a very informed decision. I really like your philosophy, and I appreciate all the information you gave. It's so helpful. I also like what you said about socialization, which, of course, is a big concern, and I think it'll be the biggest concern from some of my family members when I tell them we're thinking of homeschooling.

Also, I think you're a good speaker. Very engaging. The "ums" and hand motions did not bother me at all.

Thank you for taking the time to do this and for having the courage to post it here! Maybe you've already done this, but I'd love to see a list of some of the titles of the books and other resources you use that you mentioned in the video.

I like how you spoke about

I like how you spoke about homeschooling being a continuation of how they learned when they were little...such a great perspective! And I bet you still get just as excited for them to learn new things as you did when they were learning how to walk and other stuff!
I really am thinking about homeschooling...probably just because I love hanging out and connecting with my kid so much I couldn't imagine sending him off for hours at a time!
You did such a great job! How cool that you were able to share one of your passions with your community!

I loved your video

I loved your video presentation; watched/listened to it while making supper last night. (Sorry, you know how difficult it is for me to sit down and watch anything...:) I was so proud and impressed that this animated and confident speaker was my daughter and also inspired and motivated by your always-a-student attitude. I totally understand about wanting to learn when it's something you're interested in - at any age.

I watched this a day or so

I watched this a day or so ago but didn't have time to comment right then but let me just say I thought you did a FANTASTIC job. Wow, you really should do more public speaking. You were friendly, in charge, had such great things to say...well done!! Heck, you wanted me to run off and hs right then, lol.

Renee, That was excellent! I

Renee, That was excellent! I was actually supposed to attend your talk but was sick. A friend happened to direct me to your site by chance. It's wonderful to hear about your family's journey with homeschooling so far. Thanks also for sharing your resources!

I can totally relate to you

I can totally relate to you about public speaking. I'm starting to learn more about it myself through the "try, try again" method ;0) You did a good job! I'm told that speaking as if you are confident is a large part of the so-called success or failure of a speech, so your big smiles and honesty and confident voice did wonders to cover up the "ums" and "sos".
Anyway, you covered a lot of ground in your video, that was amazing! Nemo is only 2 and I'm already looking forward to "unschooling" him. Well... I guess I already am! I'm certainly going to be telling my friends, who are hoping to homeschool. about this video!


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Thank you so much for doing

Thank you so much for doing this! I love how natural and organic you are how beautiful your face glows when you talking about learning and teaching with your family! Thank you so much for doing this and I pray that it will bring many blessings upon your family for your efforts. THANK YOU for using your hands and saying, "um" and "so"! If you weren't real, it would have been terrible to watch, but you made it fun and engaging, as if I was sitting there. I also loved how you showed your kindness. You can tell you have such a kind heart and you are very SMART! :) I just wanted to encourage you! Thanks again for your time and help for all of us just getting started!

thank you so much!! i enjoyed

thank you so much!! i enjoyed this video so much and stayed up waaay past midnight to finish it! i homeschool and this not only gives me more encouragement to follow through with our our chosen path (i tend to follow the Charlotte Mason style of teaching) but it also gives me the words. i have a hard time conveying my feelings and convictions to people who question how we educate our children. i lack the confidence. and you...well you just put it so sweetly- yet backed with so much info.
i found your blog through steadymom. i also enjoyed your post about new year's goals. i'm right there with you on the lack of holiday craftiness and whatnot. i have the my projects still sitting next to my sewing machine. oh, maybe next year, right?

:) thanks again,
a reader from california...

Renee, I came across your

I came across your blog from Steady Mom... what a treat! This video was so beautifully inspiring. My oldest is of the age to start Kindergarten next year and this came at a perfect time. Thank you so much for sharing with the world!

Renee~ This was fabulous! You

This was fabulous! You shared a beautiful vision of homeschooling in a very non-threatening way. I am a home-educating mother of four and I was blessed by your talk! I love what Jamie @ Steady Mom says, "Our goal for our children should not only be reading ability, but reading longevity. We shouldn't really care if our children can read at age four - it's more important that they're still reading at age 24."

We are moving to Maine this

We are moving to Maine this summer and I am so excited to have found your blog! We've been homeschooling for six years, but the "rules" here are quite different than in Maine. Your video was VERY helpful!!! Thank you for taking the time to share. Blessings!

I have been following your

I have been following your blog for over a year now but I have never watched this before!! Wow, your educational philosophy is exactly what I envision for our homeschool. I have 4 children ages 1, 2, 3 and 5. I get a lot of criticism for not pushing my 5yo on learning to read more and it is wonderful to find others that share my beliefs. Thanks for all your wonderful advice and encouragement. I hope to learn much more from you about getting us all out in nature more. That is not something that comes extremely naturally to me although I enjoy it. So, thanks again. Can't wait to see how you and your children grow and change as their education needs do.

I'm so grateful for this

I'm so grateful for this video, hearing you speak is just what I needed to get me motivated to start, (i'm a horribly unorganized procrastinator) putting my kids portfolio together. We homeschooled in N.H. last year and were able to do the P.A.S.S. test for our then 8 and 9 yo. boys. I really liked that because it tested what they knew, and then used the next years test to show how much progress they had made. Also liked it because it was untimed and could be administered by a parent. Lastly loved it because it meant I didn't have to save anything for a portfolio. I'm not just unorganized, I have ADHD and although I take medicine for it, I still struggle with putting things off till the last moment. See, i've gone off on a tangent! Soooo, I have been told that because It's our first year homeschooling in Maine we HAVE to do a portfolio. This is causing me much anxiety, which I am hoping will somewhat be aleviated when I paruse your website. I'm hoping you have a link to the certified teacher who reviews your portfolios, because like you I am more of a learn what interests you kind of teacher. Soooo all I really wanted to say is thanx for having the courage to post this, and I hope our paths cross at some point as I live in S.Paris with my family. And...I will be subscribing to your page as I am estatic that I stumbled upon it today!

Renee! Since I'm just

Renee! Since I'm just starting this "homeschool thing", guess where the first place I went looking? YOU of course. And, oh boy, is my head spinning! But I agree with Betsy above, could we please have access to this lovely video seminar you did again?

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