The Quiltmaker's Journey

I guess this book is officially a children's book but I think everyone should read it. It's a prequel to the book The Quiltmaker's Gift and is a beautiful metaphor for the world we live in & our place in it. It speaks against the fear that cripples those around us and that binds our own hearts from giving of ourselves. It gently and poignantly reminds us that the gift we offer to those in need is ourselves and that God will supply all our needs as we empty ourselves to give to others. My poor children; I wept while I read it to them. It spoke to my own ignorance of the injustices of this world and my insecurities about God's faithfulness to provide as I serve and love others. A wonderful book - rich illustrations and meaningful text. Get comfy on the couch & grab a box of tissues.
27 September 07



Only The Quiltmaker's Gift is available here so have placed a hold on it at the library. I think I've read it before - is The Quiltmaker's Journey a new publication?

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