Curriculum & Methods

Our homeschool curriculum is a complete course of study which may include ready made materials and resources (and usually does) but is not limited to those resources.

We have a curriculum, a course of study, it’s called life. And we live it, study it, take it apart and put it back together, every day.

Our methods are how we "live" our curriculum, how we make it happen. They include: reading, play, making stuff, media, conversations, projects, travel, field trips, lessons, and more. And the methods change for each age and stage of learners.

Curriculum & Methods Posts at Simple Homeschool

From 2010 to 2012 I joined the writing team at Simple Homeschool, encouraging homeschoolers to "never let your schooling interrupt your education".

recommended reading

These books have been helpful to me over the years as I've created and developed our own curriculum and employed a variety of teaching methods to implement that curriculum.

Reminiscent of Fundamentals of Homeschooling but with more data (which is reassuring) and more anecdotes (which are interesting, inspiring and encouraging). Shows you how to nurture, with confidence, a home environment of organic learning and growth.
educating the wholehearted child
This book came into our home 8 years into homeschooling. It would have been a helpful resource as I was starting. A very thorough book that covers all aspects of homeschooling from a wholehearted and healthy family perspective.
One of my favorite homeschool how-to books. I have referred to this book over and over again in our homeschool.
In the early elementary years this book helped to give some direction in creating structure to support our interest-led learning environment. We don't follow a CM approach but I gleaned a lot of ideas from this book.
Casts the vision of what homeschooling can be, and guides you to create a self-directed high school experience. A little dated but is the "how-to" if you will, to explain the scholar years as presented by the DeMille's in Leadership Education. Inspiring.
Lots of practical ideas for self-directed post secondary learning. Not appropriate reading for young teens.
project based homeschooling
A guide to help you establish the routines and resources to foster and mentor self-directed, project-based learning.

a note about ebooks

I use an e-reader for a lot of my reading. However, I've found that I like to read homeschool idea and how-to type books in hardcopy. And the few homeschool books I've bought for my e-reader don't engage me in the same way. 

In my favorite books, I like to write notes in the margins, highlight, and return to the books over and over again through the years for ideas and encouragement. I like to see them on my shelf for easy reference. Just a thought when you consider making your own purchases. 

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