Family Life

Love is the foundation of our homeschool. We build a relationship of love with each other, and with learning itself; and everything else falls into place. 

Our childrens' education happens in the context of family life. The curriculum, resources, methodology and structure - all of it is designed to support our family values and meet our childrens' needs. The two go hand in hand. 

recommended reading

I haven't read a lot of education related parenting books, or many parenting books period, but there are a few I've read over the years that have really helped me understand, know, and love my kids. (In turn, I almost always understand myself more also.) And the better I know my learners the better I am able to homeschool them.

See my Philosophy resource page for more family life related homeschool books.

A collection of essays that tell the story of homeschooling as a way of family life, where "love and freedom are the cornerstones". Inspirational more than informational.
The way they learn
In university I learned about auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. This book provides a survey of learning styles deeper than that. And what I learned from it has been very helpful in our homeschool, and our relationships with each other.
I haven't read this book but it looks like the perfect compliment to Nurture by Nature.
This book helped me understand and show love to my (then) young children. I still apply what I learned, years later. Incidentally, this book helped me be a more loving wife also.
This book arrived on the scene by the time I had already set up a home environment much like the one advocated in this book. Part of the slow and simple living movement which I identify with.
Originally borrowed but then bought this book for myself. A great reference book for personality typing your kids (and yourself).

more books for your consideration

There are so many parenting books to choose from. These books compliment the ones I've already listed.

Child/Educational Psychology & Personality

Child Training & Discipline

(These books are all written from a Christian perspective, as that is our worldview.)

*I have not read these books but they are highly recommended and I mention them as considerations for your family life and homeschool research and reading.

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