Organization & Schedules

Humans don't operate in a vacuum of perfection. Plans will go awry, especially for us humans who are raising other humans. That's you mama.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't organize and plan, it just means we need strategies that work for us, not against us. It's important to find a system that works for you and then be willing to tweak and change through each season.

recommended reading

These books have helped me over the years to organize our home environment and our learning schedule, creating the space and time for learning together.

If I was going to write a book for organizing and structuring the toddler, preschool and early elementary years, this is what it would look like. Full of inspiration and practical ideas, you'll be affirmed that you're the expert in your home.
How to design a homeschool year and a daily schedule that works for your family. This book teaches how to achieve your homeschool goals by planning a curriculum and developing a schedule that allows for flexibility. Yours truly is quoted in this book.

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