We think it's so complicated - curriculums, resources, and "socialization". Unschool, classical, Waldorf, Montessori - on and on. How do you choose? How do you know what's right for your child? your family?

You listen.

You listen to your heart, you listen to your partner. You listen to your own dreams and desires (you know the family life you want; build your homeschool around that). You listen to your child. You listen to the Spirit.

There's a lot "out there" competing for our attention. It's distracting and pulls us away often from the answers we will find if we just stop to listen.

recommended reading

These are the main books which I have read over the past fifteen years that have helped to inform and build my own philosophy of education. My absolute favorites are listed as such.

See my Curriculum & Methods resource page for more homeschool how-to books. 

Just started this but I think it will be one of my favorite books on interest-led, lifelong learning. Timeless principles for self-directed education, parenting and living. Written over fifty years ago the wisdom and insights apply just as much today.
Natural Born Learners book cover
A book of essays, on the philosophy and practice of natural learning. Thought provoking encouragement for the journey from some of the heaviest hitters in autonomous education.
On a friend's recommendation, this was one of the first homeschooling books I read. It definitely set the tone for the kind of homeschool life I wanted for our family, using our community and the world-at-large as our "classroom". One of my favorites.
See note for "Learning All The Time"
It's been many years since I read John Holt's work. I should probably read it again. I don't recall exactly which books of his I did read, all those many years ago. His observations and writing are seminal in the homeschool movement.
A favorite. My own copy is dog-eared, highlighted, and full of notes. This book has given me peace in the process by helping me understand the phases of education, with a life mission as the goal.

a note about ebooks

I use an e-reader for a lot of my reading. However, I've found that I like to read homeschool idea and how-to type books in hardcopy. And the few homeschool books I've bought for my e-reader don't engage me in the same way. 

In my favorite books, I like to write notes in the margins, highlight, and return to the books over and over again through the years for ideas and encouragement. I like to see them on my shelf for easy reference. Just a thought when you consider making your own purchases. 

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