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Reading is foundational to education. But more than that, I want my kids to love reading. And with public libraries a homeschool curriculum based on reading is accessible and inexpensive. 

Our homeschool journey was going well until we hit two bumps in the reading road: dyslexia and very poor library service. With some creativity, open-mindedness, trial and error, a sense of humor and a large dose of faith we've weathered through both setbacks and have come out the other side: reading and loving it


Resources we've used to help our son:

Reading Horizons at Home - Awarded

AAS - Symptoms of Dyslexia Checklist

Do you have questions about these products in helping your child with dyslexia? Feel free to e-mail me

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Books about Dyslexia

I haven’t read any of these. A friend recommended a couple to me (with some reservations) and I pulled together the rest from Amazon. Fascinating to me is the discussion around "Right Brain" developmental theories.

Use these books as you see fit to help you understand dyslexia by understanding what's going on in the brain. And then use books, resources, blogs, reading programs (if necessary), etc. to help your child learn to read and learn. 

I encourage you to focus on identifying your child's unique talents and strengths. And to celebrate her unique learning style!

In our homeschool we focus on strengths and so once I learned our son had dyslexia and/or is right brain dominant, I looked for tools to help him read while continuing to support his interest, skills, and gifts - specifically art. That has been our approach. 

Books about Reading, Phonics, and Language

These books have been helpful to me over the years for self study or to use as resources for teaching our kids. I've written about how I've used these resources in the above posts. 

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons
This is the book we used to teach Celine to read and to lay the foundation for Brienne and Laurent's reading. Worked wonderfully for Celine, not so much for the other two. Inexpensive and effective for many families.
I am using this book to teach myself the logic of English so I can, in turn, teach my kids (especially as related to spelling and in support of my dyslexic son).

books of books

Need help finding quality books? Check out these resources. For a resource of history books specifically see World Study

*Personal favorites. 

See my Goodreads for shelves and shelves of books the kids and I have enjoyed over the years.

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