Writing is not about spelling, grammar, penmanship, or vocabulary. It's about having something to say and then having the skills to communicate that idea.

Those skills of course are spelling, grammar, a rich vocabulary and hopefully legible handwriting (where applicable in this digital age). Having a reason to write, something to share, is the drive behind written expression.

Using the learner's natural need and interest to communicate, to teach the very skills needed for effective communication, is an ideal environment for context-based writing instruction. And it's how we prefer to do it.

Teaching resources

Older students in your homeschool? You might consider using Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker to hone writing skills.

Grammarly - world's best grammar checker

We have used All About Spelling. You can read about our experience here.

My absolute favorite writing "program" or curriculum is the Writer's Jungle by Julie Bogart, a complete "how-to teach writing" resource for your homeschool. Bogart also has a slew of other writing courses at Brave Writer.

Writer's need a reason to write. Why not start a writer's workshop for your homeschool? Patricia shows you how. Patricia also writes my favorite homeschool writing blog, Wonderfarm.

more writing resources

Although I'm a writer, writing is not my area of homeschooling expertise. I don't own, nor have a read many inspirational writing books. I have enjoyed these books and sites however:

Handwriting Instruction & Typing

Creative Writing Prompts:

Grammar Sites & Books:

* Books I haven't read but are recommended.

A thorough explanation of copywork, narration and dictation as the fundamentals of an elementary writing program, laid out in a detailed 4 year program. I read this as a guide not as a prescription to follow.

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