Savoring Summer ~ Berries

I know for a lot of my internet buddies strawberry season is already just a sweet memory or fast coming to a close. For us, it's just beginning. But because of spring rains and grey skies I expect this berry season will be an especially short one.

Today is opening day at the local u-pick (the berries in the photo are from the farmers market). Take a guess where I am this morning?

I'm savoring summer in one of the most delicious ways I know. With an early morning berry picking session.

Berries destined for eating fresh. A whole household of family members in and out of my mother's kitchen. Not able to resist these mouthwatering, juicy, sweet berries.

Berries destined for strawberry shortcake. A celebration dessert fitting for a Canada Day weekend. 

And if we're lucky, berries destined for the freezer. That is, if any berries remain after family and friends have enjoyed them fresh.

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Have a great weekend Savoring Summer and (if you're in North America) celebrating Canada Day/July 4th weekend.

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I am already missing

I am already missing Strawberry season! I wanted to preserve so much more than I got around to this year. Enjoy every sweet juicy bite! We too are onto raspberries, and I actually just got my first local peaches of the season! Summer must really be here.

Oh, the strawberries! We

Oh, the strawberries! We picked twice, and managed to get about 5 lbs into the freezer. That means we ate about 8 lbs fresh! There is nothing like fresh, warm strawberries eaten right in the field :) but I'll be enjoying my smoothies for a while now.

Wish I could link up,but we

Wish I could link up,but we are in Canada...we're on the complete opposite side of the country in Victoria,BC. We didn't remember it was Canada day until we got here.

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