Celine's new lid

We went shopping last week to Patagonia, our favorite family and outdoor clothing company. For all the reasons why you can read 4 reasons we shop at Patagonia over at ADVENTUREinPROGRESS. We always go with a list and an envelope of cash. We buy as much as we can from that list with what's in the envelope. Damien's in charge of the family clothing and shoe purchases and I love it. One area of home management I don't have to think about is like a gift. But Daddy wasn't in charge of this purchase. Celine had her own money to spend and found, although she wasn't really looking, a sweeter-than-sweet knit cap. She tried on a bunch and settled on the blue/grey with brown trim "Nordic Lid". I had a blast taking photos of my little model looking for and trying on hats. Where does this beautiful girl come from?
14 February 09


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