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Last winter I read the popular parenting book Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. I wrote a short review of it also, which you can read here.

In that review I wrote this short summary:

I definitely recommend (this book) if you are looking for strategies to protect your family life from physical clutter, out of home commitments, outside influences and an overdose of media. Even if you think you've got those things under control it will encourage you to keep on the straight and narrow of enriching your family life with a less is more philosophy of living.

So I was pleased when Kathy Stowell from Bliss Beyond Naptime (I just love that name, I remember living for naptime) approached me about her Simplicity Parenting e-course. For those of you who want more than a book, Kathy is offering a very personal experience to help you apply these principles to your own parenting journey.

The Simplicity Parenting ecourse runs from June 1st to 29th and Kathy is giving away one free registration to a lucky FIMBY commenter.

I asked Kathy to share a bit about her course. Here's what she had to say:

The beauty of this season, filled with the intoxicating promise of simple abundance and cute gardening outfits, is reminding me yet again how simplicity in almost all aspects of life amps up the beauty dial in the complicated world around us.

And this sentiment is especially alive in the principles we will be exploring in my Simplicity Parenting ecourse beginning June 1st.

This ecourse will explore the principles outlined in Kim John’s Payne inspiring book "Simplicity Parenting" where the antidote to the effects of the increasing speed of life and pressure to aquire more stuff and activities to our children’s childhood is to slow down, take a moment to meditate on the values we want to embrace in our homes and how to take the small steps toward making these heart felt changes.

This four week experience will be akin to meeting up for a mama only coffee or tea break with a bunch of other like-minded, simplicity seeking mammas and crafting out together values to revisit, strategies to play with and dreams to dream up then celebrate together with. Mama tribe time!

With the teachings from this course you will feel more peace, flow and connection and much support from me and course participants. To check out the details visit

Lots of simplicity, beauty and connection is waiting just around the corner. Not to mention a video of me gushing about this great passion of mine with a gnome hat on.


Thank you Kathy for offering this course to a FIMBY reader and the world at large.

If you're new to Kathy's blog you'll want to go check it out. Her family lives in a strawbale house on a seven acre hobby farm at the edge of a quaint mountain town (swoon). Kathy's blog offers a glimpse into her family's simple, slow-living life and regularly dishes up "soulful strategies for creative families".

At Bliss Beyond Naptime you can also find Kathy's e-book Self Care for Soulful Mothering, and two sewing e-courses. She is one beautiful, creative mama.

To enter your name for this giveaway leave a comment. Giveaway closes Monday, May 28ths. Comments now closed, Mel is the winner.

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25 May 12


Participating in this course

Participating in this course would be a wonderful blessing! I just finished working and am off for the summer, so I have time for focusing on such things and would LOVE to be the winner! Thanks for the opportunity.

I would love an opportunity

I would love an opportunity to win this course! I read the book a couple months ago, and loved it. I am trying to put into practice a lot of it, but change is never easy!

I loved this book. I would

I loved this book. I would say it was life changing for me. But... sometimes (no, often) I can hear the drone of the Nintendo DSI a little too often. Sigh. I think I need a refresher.

I am very interested in this

I am very interested in this course. I am new to your blog but I am SO in love with it and making life and parenting more simple in all ways is just what I've been seeking.

This sounds like a really

This sounds like a really interesting book/class. it is something I talk with my Mama-Friends about and struggle with the realities of actually doing it.

This would be a dream come

This would be a dream come true; I'd love to read this book, connect with other like-minded folks, and follow-through with inspired simplicity parenting. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this book.

I really enjoyed this book. It was such an inspiration. After reading it, I immediate packed up 2/3 of my child's toys, and was amazed at how a simple first step made such an improvement. We also started limiting screen time after reading this, and also noticed improvements in our child's behavior. Whenever we drop the ball and let too much tv or computer time creep in, we see an almost immediate change in behavior. Thanks for suggesting this course and offering a giveaway.

this book has been on my

this book has been on my Amazon wish list for a while now... perhaps it's time to make the purchase! thank you for the chance! best wishes on your moving transitions!

I'd love to win a place on

I'd love to win a place on the course. I need help to get a balance between encouraging play with play materials and having too few or too many.

What a great opportunity!

What a great opportunity! Thanks! I think I have 90% of this book highlighted (which kind of defeats the purpose, huh?). Would love to participate!

Oh gosh....I think I could

Oh gosh....I think I could really use a course like this and most definitely need to find this book. While I think we did a good job of keeping things simple when my daughter was a baby, these days feel not at all simple to me and I've lost the "simple focus" as my child has gotten older. Now as we face beginning school next year, I'm feeling that I could use a dose of "simple" to get me back on to stay simple in a not so simple world. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity!

I would so much love this

I would so much love this opportunity! I am right at the beginning of exploring
This simplicity parenting, and would love to learn more in a group since
here in Sweden there is no "movement" to join irl. Love! Robin

I have not yet read the book,

I have not yet read the book, but has been on my wish list for a while....Is there a place where you review other parenting books? I am new to your blog, and have been really enjoying reading it - you have encouraged me to putchase a kindle...which I am really loving...thanks!

Oh, what a wonderful give

Oh, what a wonderful give away and the timing is so perfect. We are about to move overseas. One of the main reasons is to simplify our lives, stop rushing, spend more time with the kids, each other, ourselves, our extended family. It would be a great chance to be a part of the course on the eve of this big move! Thank you for the chance!

I'd love the opportunity to

I'd love the opportunity to participate in this course. We are setting up to move a mobile home soon so simplicity is going to be all important! Thank you!

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