The Weekend Edition ~ Comes to an End

Look what came in the mail yesterday from mb studios. I'm so delighted.

I became familiar with mb studios ~ handmade beauty and daily inspiration ~ because Mary advertised her etsy shop here at FIMBY during the last month. I do love words so very much. But words made into beautiful art? Double love. Thank you Mary.

Here's some more interesting "words" that caught my eye the past couple weeks:

And one more:

I do believe that Weekend Edition is coming to an end. It was fun while it lasted (ok for the first two weeks) and now it feels like a chore. Not only that but I find myself wanting to link again and again to the same writers. It seems so unoriginal and uninspiring. Not to mention, these things always take more time than I think they will. 

There is a change in the air with spring, though it is wicked cold again this morning, and I do believe my Saturday mornings need to take on a different groove.

Until I find a better solution for regularly sharing links I will be tweeting them. It would be helpful if everyone had easier "share" buttons on their posts (hint, hint).

Happy weekend to you all!

24 March 12


I have finished Nurturing

I have finished Nurturing Creativity and now will go back and really reflect on certain parts. I love how you put all together in one place much of the wisdom I've gleaned from you over the past 6 months that I've read your Blog. I had never thought to consider certain daily aspects of my life as "creative", and now I know better! I am much more creative than I thought! Also, I now see other people as more creative beings as well. Thank you for your awesome perspective, and for sharing it with others.

I actually think that you not doing the Weekend Edition will get me off the computer sooner on Saturday mornings LOL! Happy Weekend!

Oh, well... I enjoyed your

Oh, well... I enjoyed your weekend links while they lasted. I do still miss the sidebar you used to have about what you'd been reading lately; I found many great blogs that way!

The post about the picky eaters sure got me riled up, though. I know your stance as you've written about it before but when moms are doing their best with all sorts of varied circumstances, to suggest that this is dishonoring God or lacking in compassion for the world's starving, is hurtful. Maybe I read too much into it?!

there is no formula - for

there is no formula - for anything! There are no "follow these steps and your kids will be perfect, your house all organized, your creative ventures a success etc..." Amen to this, Renee. If I read one more time that all I need to do to avoid picky eating is get my kids involved in gardening and cooking, I may explode!

Renee, although you're sensitive right now, you are finding your way so beautifully, at least it looks that way to me! Wish we could have a chat. We've got dreams looking a little more likely but with massive, massive work ahead to make them a reality, and I'm exhausted just thinking of it all, without having made much of a start on DOING anything. Trust yourself!!!

It got me riled up, too,

It got me riled up, too, Kika. I don't think I read too much into it, in fact, I didn't read into it at all. Frankly, I liked Renee's presentation of the same subject much more, and somehow found it far less (ie not at all) judgemental. I have one "picky eater" and one "easy eater" and I know from my own experience that what she and others do might have worked with my easier one, but it would never have (didn't!) worked with my first. For us, there are more complex variables at play. And my kids are gracious!

And to the rest of this post, I say, Renee, it was wonderful while it lasted - I need an excuse to get off the computer on the weekend, anyway!

Thanks for linking to me this

Thanks for linking to me this weekend, and for sharing the others. I clicked on through to that discussion at Simple Homeschool -- very interesting. Mr. Savvy and I are starting to think seriously about homeschooling, and it's nice to get many points of view all at once.

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