Beet Juice Painting

I steamed farm beets for supper last week (a vegetable I'm learning to love) and saved the "juice" left in the bottom of the pan. I stored the juice, about 2/3 cup, in a glass jar in the fridge and pulled it out yesterday for the kids to paint with.

The kids also mixed up a yellow paint with 1/2 cup hot water and 1 tbsp tumeric mixed together. The resulting artwork is beautiful and my own art (photography) is inspired by my children's creativity.

For more natural painting inspirations check out one of our favorites, Berry Smudges and Leaf Prints by Ellen B. Senisi.

6 August 08



[...] summer, has been a wash out, literally. It's rained, rained and rained some more. Those beautiful beet juice pictures were taken on the one sunny day this week. Crops are rotting in the fields at the farm, my [...]

Wanted to tell ya that I

Wanted to tell ya that I LOVE how inventive this is!!! I would never thought to use natural food coloring for painting. What a great way to help those with food coloring avoidances!!

I love, love, love this

I love, love, love this idea! Makes me want to go pull some beets in the garden just to paint this afternoon.

Gotcha for the MIFS blog carnival tomorrow. Would love a link! Thanks!


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Lovely pictures! We use beet

Lovely pictures! We use beet juice for natural food coloring but we've never painted with it. I just poured some off the beets we cooked from the farmers' market last night and felt guilty draining off that fabulous bright pink stuff! :) I was thinking of dyeing something with the kids with it but this would be nice and easy. We're headed to the farmers' market again today and I was planning on getting more beets anyway. Now I have to restock the turmeric.... Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

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[...] none of us really like to eat and I was forever trying to figure out how to use our farm beets. I made pink paint for the kids and I thought why not make deep burgundy beet water and mix that with the lye? Voila... a pink [...]

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