Handmade Holiday Grab Bag

At long last, all the great gift ideas, created by YOU. If you just tuned in today please read this post for an explanation.

Thank you everyone so much for sharing your creative genius. I am definitely coming back to some of your ideas for inspiration for my own gift making and giving this year. 

  • Maryam @ Ink Stains ~ knitting, framed children's art, message in a bottle and photo albums
  • Catherine @ Catherine et les fées (en français - use google translator) ~ Nuno felting tutorial
  • Renee @ FIMBY ~ body care, knitting needles, vanilla extract, and other inspiration
  • Nicola @ Which Name? ~ a little weekend creativity

vinyl Christmas star

  • Kika @ FIMBY ~ easy yarn scarf (no knitting required)
  • Martha @ Just Strollin' Along ~ easy holiday trees made from felt circles
  • Nicola @ Which Name? ~ sewing, stenciling, easy book making, toffee and other goodness 
  • Naomi @ American Family Now ~ six simple gifts for kids, using materials you already have

orange clove pomander soap

birthday bookmarks painted by Laurent

I want to mention Plain and Joyful Living as another resource. She's been on the ball since summer and has been linking to handmade gift idea posts for months. This link, Handmade Holiday 2010 will take you to her handmade holiday posts. Definitely worth a visit.

And as promised I want to thank those bloggers who participated in this idea exchange with a giveaway. Winner chooses either a bar of Autumn Spice Cake soap or my gently used copy of Handmade Home. And the winner is... Naomi of American Family Now. Congratulations. 

Now it's time for me to stop talking and start making some gifts!

3 November 10


Thanks for doing this Renee,

Thanks for doing this Renee, it is great to have new ideas at my finger tips! Maybe next time I will be organized enough to participate, or maybe I will just post pics of my projects from your project (so to speak)


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Renee - I have spent A LOT of

Renee - I have spent A LOT of time on this post:) :) :) I love all the handmade goodness! Thank you for pulling this together. I hope to participate next year if you do it again!

I'm excited to come back to

I'm excited to come back to this post when I have a bit more time on my hands to check out all the wonderful looking links. Cool weather seems to help get the creative juices going.


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