Homemade Soap & Body Care

Perhaps not surprisingly my homemade soap and body care pages are the most popular content on FIMBY (readers like tutorials). This page attempts to pull all those posts together to be a better reference and resource for your own projects. 

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block of camp soap

How to Make Soap:

An entire week of soapmaking at FIMBY.

Household Soaps:

Skin & Hair Care:


Herbs for Skin:

Recipes & Ingredient Listings:

Most of these aren't step by step recipes as such. Rather, inspiration for crafting your own artisan soaps.


Lye Calculators:

(don't make soap without one!)

Other on-line resources: 

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


When I lived in the States I purchased many of my supplies locally, at a health food store. The following sources are based in the US and are not necessarily recommended by me. I am affiliated with Mountain Rose Herbs, where you can buy essential oils and other soap making supplies.

Since moving to Canada I have been investigating Canadian suppliers. 

If you are a supplier and would like advertising on FIMBY please do contact me.

The original comments have been removed from this page. The questions readers asked were moved to my Soap Making Q & A post. Feel free to go there to ask any questions you have.