Homemade Soap & Body Care

As best as I can recall, by looking at the blog archives, I started to make soap in 2007. Soapmaking, photography and blogging were a good creative fit and for a while I documented my soapmaking endeavors on the blog, including publishing tutorial videos and recipes. One year I even sold soap to my blog readers.

These days I just make soap, I don't write about it much anymore but the posts are still here and the information remains useful for new generations of soapmakers. This page attempts to pull all those posts together to be a better reference and resource for your own projects. 


block of camp soap

How to Make Soap:

An entire week of soapmaking at FIMBY.

Household Soaps:

Skin & Hair Care:


Herbs for Skin:

Recipes & Ingredient Listings:

Most of these aren't step by step recipes as such. Rather, inspiration for crafting your own artisan soaps.


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