The purple bamboo eater

I'm not sure what put my children into the fantastical creature frenzy that we find ourselves in this week. Maybe it has something to with Celine's insatiable reading of all things fantasy. Or maybe it's because the kids have been watching BBC's Life of Mammals over the course of the last couple weeks. Whatever the cause, the kiddo's collective imagination has been inspired to dream, design, draw and sew what can be best described as fantasy mammals. You'd be amazed what the kids learn when they follow their imaginations. "Mom, what would be the latin name for a weasel-cat?" Laurent settled on Felis mustela, roughly translated: cat weasel. In addition these creatures have blue wings and litters of up to 3 little youngin's that hang from mama's tail like oppossums. "Hey, my creature looks similar to an agouti". You know, the Brazilian agouti, with a snout similar to capybara. Don't know what I'm talking about? Neither did I till Celine pointed it out in our American Mammals reference book. Then of course there's the inevitable crafting. Celine's still stitching her as-of-yet unnamed feathered, tree climbing, omnivore... brown creature. Complete with gussets (don't feel bad I don't know how to sew them either) and leather tail. And since Brienne's still limited in her sewing ability I offered to help make her Bamboo Eater, not to be confused with the cuddly panda bear you most often associate with bamboo. This creature is purple with an appetite for not only bamboo but brightly colored poisonous berries and plants that transmit their poisonous properties to the animal itself. Those bright colored feathers are like a neon light advertising its "don't eat me" status to all would be predators. And if that isn't enough it also breathes fire. Where do kids come up with this stuff?
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31 January 09


"where do kids come up with

"where do kids come up with this stuff?"

That's an easy answer...from Mamma's like yourself who are creative, nurturing and know how to give their kids the freedom to be themselves.

Reading about the creative

Reading about the creative talents of my grand kids brings back memories of my child hood. Growing up in a home with 7 siblings and limited funds and no TV we had to create our own entertainment. My imagination was the beginning of many creations which took the place of the present day consumer who feels that without the latest toy/gadget they some how feel that they are missing out. Thanks Renee and Damien for giving your kids this wonderful enviroment to create and bring out these creative talents.

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