Homeschool Help

FIMBY is a family story blog and a huge part of that story is our homeschooling journey.

I started blogging around the same time we started "officially" homeschooling; when our oldest daughter was about six years old. That six year old is now a high schooler and her brother, 13, and sister, 12, aren't far behind.

from our 2014 thru-hike of the entire Appalachian Trail

Our homeschool practice is an eclectic mix influenced by Charlotte Mason, unschooling, Waldorf, and Leadership Education philosophies. We are interest-led, family-focused, project, literature and experience based learners. (There is no easy word to describe all that.)

We believe in freedom education. An education:

  • designed for the child
  • in the context of family life and based on core family values
  • for the purpose of fulfilling a life mission

Nearly every post at FIMBY touches on homeschooling in some way. This is a family story blog and homeschooling is a lifestyle for us. It's a mindset; an attitude towards learning, work, life, and study. It is not a set of lessons, the completion of a workbook, or preparation for college.

Although every post is a picture of family focused, interest-led learning, some posts are more helpful than others in explaining this philosophy of learning and offering resources for your own homeschool experience.

This page brings together "the best of" FIMBY's homeschool posts. Read, enjoy, and feel free to question.

Homeschool Coaching

If you have questions about your own homeschool - I'm here to help. Comments on these posts often provide a wealth of support and ideas. And if you need more specific help, I offer one-on-one coaching.

I won't tell you what an amazing coach I am. (I'm just a homeschooling mom with a few years experience; passionate about interest-led, lifelong learning and full of enthusiasm for helping families experience freedom and joy in their homeschool.) Instead, I'll direct you to these testimonials.

I am currently taking a break from my coaching work to focus on other projects. I look forward to serving you in this capacity in the future. For now, I hope you'll find help in the posts below.

In addition I have two audio teachings, that are available for purchase anytime, to offer encouragement and ideas for preschool and the early elementary years.