String Games

My self imposed life-is-too-crazy-to-blog break is over. Yipee! I love writing and posting photos of all the fun in my back yard, or as these days would have it, fun in my living room.

One of the fun activities the kids stumbled upon last week while I was cooking, cleaning, planning, packing and generally going bonkers was String Games.

Remember when you were a kid playing "cat's cradle" with a piece of string?

I vaguely recall riding the bus and reaching over the back of the seat to play string games with my bus mates. Over, under, up and down. Ah childhood, when fun can be had with a piece of string. Although I can't say my latest knitting interest is any different.

On a recent trip to the library I grabbed this book, Lost! A Story in String because the cover looked interesting, old fashioned like. I go for that kind of thing. I still haven't read it to the younger two but Celine went through it and loved learning how to make string figures.

She managed to teach a couple (God bless her) to Laurent and Brienne, neither of whom can read yet. After Celine devoured that first book she requested "more string books" so I picked up all I could find at our local library, Cat's Cradle, Owl's Eyes: A Book of String Games and Super String Games. ​

A 5 foot loop of string (easily constructed from clothesline-type string we had in the cupboard) and these books kept Celine occupied for a whole day. Now if only I had a whole day to sit and knit...


2 March 09


Yipee! Because I love reading

Yipee! Because I love reading your writing and seeing your photos of all the fun in YOUR back yard.
P.S We are so picking up that string book tomorrow at the Library.

Oh my goodness, I was just

Oh my goodness, I was just watching Fairy Tale: A True Story with Bella last night and a character was doing string games, and I was longing to re-learn and teach the kids! I have to pick up those books at the library next week!!! Great minds think alike. Thank you for reminding me there are books out there that I can find - I was thinking of trying to find video instructions on the internet. I am so lazy...

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