Time to Live Another Adventure

I'll be taking a little break from FIMBY for the next week or so. I hadn't planned for this but we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of an unexpected adventure. It will take a little more time than we anticipated to make our current chalet rental "home".

It's good timing I suppose for a break with July 4th this week and people taking holidays and such.

Honestly, I don't like these kind of breaks. FIMBY is my fun but there is oh so much work for me to do right now.

Once again I find myself too busy actually living an adventure to write much about it. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week. I look forward already to being back. I will be checking and responding to comments and responding to e-mail, I won't be MIA totally.

2 July 12


Well, I guess I can let you

Well, I guess I can let you take a little time... Can't wait to see how you've made your new place a home for your family and to read your salad book! I so look forward to your posts, but you know what they say about absence!

We bought a house last Friday

We bought a house last Friday and spent the last six days working on getting thing organized, cleaned, painted---you name it---and the work is just begun! I too miss writing on my blog and even scheduled some older posts that hadn't seen the light of day in years to fill the void. But, I miss writing.

Good luck with your mini-adventure!

Glad that you are taking some

Glad that you are taking some needed time! I just wanted to let you know that over the last 2 weeks or so I have been reading thru your ENTIRE blog...I do enjoy it. Your family has enspired me...last week me, hubby and 2 girls, ages 11 & 8 have gone on numerous walks! This week, starting on Monday we started bike riding together. We have biked everyday this week. We are all enjoying the outdoors more, thanks to the seed that you have planted!

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