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Renee is a hiker and homemaker, a mother and wife, a writer and photographer.

She is a creative spirit with a practical perspective and down-to-earth approach. Renee excels at managing the details and getting things done while taking time to appreciate and capture the beauty around her. Renee brings her love for intentional family living, enthusiasm for the natural world, and a passion for lifelong learning to everything she does. She also often brings a cup of tea. 


FIMBY is Renee's first and enduring writing crush. Renee has been blogging for nearly eight years and only in the past few years has she gotten serious about really leveraging this platform to encourage others to live healthy, adventurous and creative lives - with beauty and intention.

Over the years FIMBY readership has grown but that's not the best part for Renee. The best part for Renee is meeting and connecting with people, writing from the heart, and really having fun in her back yard. Renee writes with honesty, telling her family story, while living her personal mission to nourish, encourage and teach; build relationship and create beauty.

Outsideways is a joint venture blog that Renee writes with her husband Damien Tougas.

Outsideways - lateral thinking for adventurous living - is a blog for people who want to live a better story with their life. Through writing, photography, how-to's, creative and out of the box ideas (that's the lateral part), Damien and Renee inspire readers to embrace adventurous living. They also encourage families to get outdoors more together.


Renee loves to connect with people. She is gifted at using her organizational, teaching and practical living skills to help others reach their goals. Renee weaves these skills together with her university degree in education and nearly eight years of homeschooling her own children to offer a unique, online homeschool coaching service.

Please see homeschool coaching for the full description of this service.

Renee also offers life coaching in the areas of organization, home management, blogging, entrepreneurial living, family adventure and the outdoors.

Realizing all of the progress I have made this week made me think of you, and how grateful I am for our coaching session. It really pointed me in a better direction. I feel like I'm finally making progress toward my goals. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!


~ Coleen

Freelance Writing

Renee's writing has been published at Zen Family Habits, Small Notebook, and Simple Mom. She was a founding contributor to the popular blog Simple Homeschool, where she published for two and half years. 

You can find Renee's recipes in Happy Mom, Healthy Family - a menu planning resource published by Lisa Grace Bryne at Wellgrounded Life

Renee is available for freelance projects. Are you writing an e-book or offering an on-line course? Are you looking for a team member who shares your passion for healthy, creative, and adventurous family living? Do you need writer/photographer who knows a thing or two about homemaking, homeschooling, or natural living?

With honesty and intention, Renee writes from years of experience about all these things, and more.


Renee is honored to have been a guest on Vivienne McNeny's The Sociable Homeschooler.


Together with her husband Damien, Renee has published three ebooks to date.


Cafe is the online store where you can purchase and download Renee's ebooks and homeschool audio teaching.

Trail Ambassador

With Gossamer Gear

I've asked Renee time and again to contribute to my online courses. Her writing is thought provoking, thoroughly expressed, conversationally written, and filled with down to earth sensibility.


Without fail, she delivers material that exceeds my expectations every time we work together. Renee is as professional as she is kind hearted and friendly - a winning combination. I look forward to many collaborations in the future.

~ Heather Bruggeman, Beauty That Moves

In Print

Recipes and trail food philosophy featured in AT Journeys Magazine.



Renee and her family make their home at the end of a dirt road, on the side of a mountain in the beautiful Gaspé peninsula of Québec; eastern Canada's best kept secret.

Renee's writing is filled with authenticity, inspiration, and encouragement. She brings her all to every project she works on, and her passion is contagious to readers.


~ Jamie Martin, Simple Homeschool & Steady Mom


Renee is available for interviews and speaking engagements. She has a heart especially to encourage mothers, homemakers, and homeschoolers with a message of freedom and joy for everyday living, learning and growing together.

With a Bachelor's degree in Education and a mission to nourish, encourage and teach, Renee is a gifted and passionate instructor with a "natural talent for teaching in a way that is down to earth and easy to digest".

Renee and her husband Damien are online entrepreneurs and life adventurers. They love to share their experience and knowledge with other people. They are available for coaching, mentoring and speaking engagements along the themes of simple living, adventure and family outdoors, homeschooling and education freedom.