Slushies and Tabouleh salad for a hot summer day

There's a couple recipes in this post, just scroll past my whining to find them.

I'm taking a blogging "break" (that's a joke since blogging is a break for me and everything else I'm dealing with right now is plain old work) but that doesn't mean I can't send out a little update from the wall.

It's hotter than the blazes here in Maine this week. I'm not complaining but if I had my choice we'd be going to the beach and picking blueberries. Instead the kids are watching a video while I paint our basement to get it ready for our yet-to-be-found new tenants. Sigh...

I'm also making emergency trips to the doctor's office and pharmacy to deal with the gash Brienne got on the bottom of her heal yesterday at the kid's last swimming lesson. Glass? In the lake?

Tonight I'll finish (cross my fingers) the kid's portfolios for their review tomorrow morning. Oh... and those 100 photos I got developed to show off all their cool projects and accomplishments? Nasty, the whole lot of them. I could of done a better job on my cheap little home printer. I used a reputable company so I won't bash them... yet until I give them a chance to follow through on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Two small consolations today for having to deal with this barely contained chaos called my life was this lovely tabouleh salad Celine and I prepared for lunch. 

Click here for recipe download.

For dessert we slurped up this tasty red melon slushies.

Red Melon Slush

  • 1 lemon, juiced or 2 tbsps lemon juice and 1 tbsp water
  • 1/8th of a ripe, juicy, red medium large watermelon (chilled is best)
  • 2 large handfuls of frozen strawberries, about 2 cups

Blend it all up and serve with straws because drinks are simply funner to drink with straws. Makes enough for 4 glasses (the size in the photo above) and a bit. Add a little water if you need to get the blender moving, otherwise, blend up the watermelon first and then add the strawberries if your blender is whimpy. 

18 August 09


The salad looks wonderful -

The salad looks wonderful - and cool!
Good luck with the painting, you are very ambitious in this hot weather.
Just keep thinking--Cooler next week!

I just got an ad from LL Beans for winter clothes. Sorry, not interested today.

mmm, blueberries. i just made

mmm, blueberries. i just made 100% organic blueberry zucchini muffins last night with zucchinis from our garden and blueberries from a farm just 20 miles away. i think i'll have to blog the recipe later this week!

good luck with the kids review tomorrow! i'm sure everything will go well.

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Sounds like you are getting

Sounds like you are getting some stuff done! Terrible heat. not fun. Painting.not fun. Homeschooling portfolio. fun. but not fun.

The melon slushy on the other hand, and food made by your daughter sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

Sorry about Brienne's foot,

Sorry about Brienne's foot, but I have to laugh at where it happened. All the barefoot time the kids spend (which we are taught to think is dangerous) and then she gets a cut in the pond where nearly everyone goes without shoes! Figures :-) Time to go sit in front of the fan - again.

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Hey, I put black beans in my

Hey, I put black beans in my tabouleh too. YUM! also we live by watermelon popsicles. same deal as your slushies, but frozen on a stick! good luck finding fine friendly tenants.

mmm, you just inspired me to

mmm, you just inspired me to make tabouleh. haven't had that in ages. and to follow your link and read about marital challenges - we've put a lot of work and affort into our marriage too, and reading other's experieeces are always inspiring!

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