Springtime's a comin' ~ Eventually

I'm not anxious for spring yet - truly. This year more than any other in the past I am surviving winter quite handily. My life is brimming with creative ideas and energy. I'm blessed with healthy, happy children, good friends, a husband I adore, a mostly warm house (thanks Dad for helping install those windows last fall). I can't complain, winter is treating me well. But that doesn't mean I don't jump for joy, or rather go shutter happy, when I find signs of spring. anyone know what tree produces these little beauties?anyone know what tree produces these little beauties? Yesterday we braved the icy cold for a walk to campus to partake in local art and music, more on that in a later post. The kids were delighted with the snow mounds and I was camera crazy at the little signs of spring I found. Magnolia CatkinsMagnolia Catkins What are the signs of spring where you are? Oh, and please don't tell me you're going to the beach. Although I'm very happy right now, hearing about 80F beach weather might just put me over the envy edge. And in case you're wondering, spring doesn't actually arrive in Maine till late April. We've got a ways to go but the signs are there, springtime is a comin'.
6 February 09


Oh those are such yummy

Oh those are such yummy pictures of promise. I love buds on trees almost as much as flowers. The last pic with the blue and bokeh..divine. So glad you are weathering winter well. It's always a tuff season for me. Adore the snow of course, just not whats left after. Darkness and mud.
P.S No need to moderate. The suggestion was hysterically funny! :)

We don't really get spring

We don't really get spring until April in Seattle either. One morning you'll wake up to find that all the cherry blossoms have burst open. The city has a festival for this to celebrate the 1000 blossoming trees that were planted throughout the city as a gift from the Japanese. It's one of my very favorite things to see. I keep checking their branches for buds but they're still hiding!

Oh I felt a little springtime

Oh I felt a little springtime buzz this week too...we finally had some nice sunny days and even though it's as cold as heck it was fun to get out and enjoy the sun on our faces! I can't wait for spring!!
Love the photos, as always!

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