The Adventure of Learning

Life is about learning, all the time. Some seasons we learn through circumstance - we have a baby and we learn how to be a mother (ok, that's one long life season). And in other seasons we might choose to study in a more formal manner - taking a class, going to university, etc.

In reality, these two types of learning - circumstantial need or desire and the study of a particular subject or topic - smoosh together an awful lot. The smooshing of these two is what living and learning at home looks like for us.

A couple years ago I had a desire to be a better photographer so I studied my camera manual; practiced, practiced, and practiced; and read lots of photo tutorials online. This is how we learn - we have a need, an interest, or a desire - and this motivates us to apply ourselves to the hard work of studying and learning.

There have been seasons in my life as a mom that I haven't had a lot of time to "study" but I've always been reading and learning. And when the seasons shift and there is time for study, or when the circumstance demands it, my learning takes on a more formal feel. Which is where I am this winter. Learning with intention and focus. Setting aside time for study in my schedule and setting aside funds.

Because this is my current physical and mental state I'm going to spend some time this week and this month writing about learning. Learning is a recurring theme at FIMBY anyway, what with the whole homeschool thing going on.

I am passionate about lifelong, interest-led learning. This is the gift we give our children in choosing to homeschool them. It is the gift we give ourselves. The freedom to grow beyond the boundaries, to unearth our talents (like treasure), to discover our brilliance (think gifting, not IQ), to live an amazing life. This is an invitation not just for our children, it is an also an invitation for us, for you and me.

Tomorrow's post is about learning another language. Many homeschoolers would like to teach their kids a second language. Many people in general want to learn another language. I am currently learning French and last summer I read an ebook that really encouraged and helped me to make this learning my own.

I've invited the author of that ebook, and language learning coach Aaron Myers, to write a guest post. Stay tuned for that tomorrow. I'm really excited about what he has to share.

If all goes as planned (and as written) I will be sharing some more learning posts in the coming weeks. I just wanted to take a moment today, on what is hopefully a restorative Sunday, to invite you to join me on this journey. A journey of learning. Not just for our children, but for ourselves.


24 February 13


Tomorrow morning I will start

Tomorrow morning I will start homeschooling. I have known that this is where I was being led and I feel confident that this is the time to begin. I have awakened to the principles of leadership education and I am on fire!!! Renee, I am really looking forward to your upcoming posts. The concept of tending to my own education so I can nurture my children's is new to me. I haven't commented before but I've been following your blog for awhile. It is rapidly becoming more and more and more relevant to our own experiences as we examine our life and adjust our course...significantly! Thank you for the support you've unknowingly given! Blessings to you!!

I think a good contrast to

I think a good contrast to make is between IQ (intelligence quotient) and CQ (curiosity quotient). I am far more interested in helping my kids develop their CQ as it seems the more important of the two.

I am a 69 year old

I am a 69 year old grandmother, okay great grandmother also. I too believe that learning and continually learning new tools is extremely important. Would love to learn French, purchased a program, now to get to it. Also, starting learning watercolor painting. Find I definitely am not a natural, but do enjoy learning how to work with it. Any chance of French lessons online with your site?
Thanks so much, do enjoy your blog.


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