A Week of Homeschool

I'm taking a little breather from the final sorting of the girl's stuff to share with you this week in homeschooling.  

March has been a lovely month for the kids and I as we've settled into a steady late winter routine. In reality though we're experiencing an early spring but I haven't been out too much (the kids have) to take advantage of it. I just can't wrap my head around spring in March. I still have too many projects that I had planned to do indoors this month and once those wrap up I will embrace this next season. At which time we'll probably have a snowstorm!

Some of our learning has been outdoors: hikes and play dates at parks with homeschooling friends, a visit to the farm and backyard science.

Other activities have been indoors: a symphony orchestra concert, setting up marble works (like every other homeschooled kid this week who watched this amazing video), drawing lessons, making crystals using the kit Laurent got for his birthday and Celine sewing. Always Celine sewing. 

It was a good week. Most days I really enjoy being home with my kiddos (honestly).  But this week I especially felt that way. Enjoying these last days of winter (that are suspiciously warm) before the intense activities of yard clean up, gardening, bike riding, trampoline jumping and everything else that spring holds in store. 

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Does Celine use patterns for

Does Celine use patterns for sewing or just create her own thing? My daughter likes to make doll clothes without patterns and I've just encouraged her creativity. Sometimes I wonder if I should get more involved and offer pointers (not that I'm a great seamstress) but I guess I'm here if she wants my input.

Okay... I didn't comment on

Okay... I didn't comment on this yesterday because.... I don't know! But I really enjoy when you share what your son does, I like my son to see what other homeschoolers boys do. He likes to do backyard science too. The first picture is very funny!

What an inspiring post! I

What an inspiring post! I look forward to everyday with my kids at home, but am especially excited for homeschooling adventures as my kids get older.

And how did I miss that video???! Amazing.

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