Over Already (and yes, it's oil pulling - before)

Summer weekends are like this. Over already.

bathing suits on clothing line

And yes, you were right, at least in part. That creepy mugshot is a before photo of my oil pulling experiment. I started a couple weeks ago. In the coming months I hope to talk about what natural herbs and techniques I'm doing to take care of my teeth.

There's something about nearing forty with no dental insurance that makes a person really want to take good care of their teeth. Enough to even try oil pulling. I'll let you know how it goes. 

No one got the answer spot on and explicitly said this was a before shot. My teeth are more stained in real life. That wasn't captured in the photo, which pretty much makes it useless as a before shot.

I'm taking all the closest oil pulling answers and draw a winner from that.

And the winner is...


PS. My twitter feed is on the sidebar at FIMBY and you don't have to do twitter to follow it, just check the blog a couple times a day (teasing, though you're welcome multiple and many times each day!) I post a lot of interesting links this way as well as totally random and useless information about my life. 

I have some exciting news to share tomorrow and a little video even, in which I show you how you can exercise while preparing food. You'll have to wait and see. I guess it's ok after all that the weekend is over. Tomorrow's going to be good day and the start of good week. We're going to Vermont this week! For Damien's birthday.

More on that later. I need to get to bed now.

17 June 12


Oh, where in VT? I suppose a

Oh, where in VT? I suppose a meet up would probably be too much...but I'd love it if we managed it! Are you coming for a hike?? We are near the best certified organic ripe strawberries around...I'd bring you some!

Sounds wonderful - the Stowe

Sounds wonderful - the Stowe area is lovely. You hikers definitely need more time in Vermont, though!! Long Trail thru hike, maybe?! :)

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